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How to create the best photo prints online – part three of three!

Hey Super Snappers, and welcome to the final part of our three part bonanza on how to create the best photo prints online! In our first blog we looked at how to crop and rotate your photos, as well as how to order multiple copies and how to delete any unwanted photos! Then in our second blog we taught you how to add text to your Retro Prints…as well as change the colour of your text and the font too! And now we’re back again for our final installment to let you know about something super duper exciting – changing the colour of your snap borders!


How to…change your border colour

You can change the border colours of any of our Custom Prints…whether it’s Custom Retro Prints, Custom Square Prints, Custom Photo Prints or Custom Stickers – the possibilities are endless!

To get started, simply select your Custom Print product and upload your photos. Take a minute to enjoy our dancing retro dude too! Once uploaded, you’re ready to start adding some colour to your borders!

Next, select the print that you want to change the border of by clicking/tapping on the image. Prints that are selected will show with a slight green glow around them (don’t worry this won’t physically be on your print!), then head to our ‘BORDERS’ tab on the left of your display on desktop or at the bottom on mobile device. For a bit of fun inspiration we’ve got ten preset colours to choose from which you can see displayed as tiles in the ‘BORDERS’ tab.

There are your standard black and white border colours but also a few pretty pastels and some fun shades like our pink and teal too! It’s soooo much fun!

How to create the best photo prints online - change your border colours


How to…add border patterns

Being able to add border colours not enough excitement for you? 1. You’re crazy (good crazy!) And 2. It’s okay…because we’ve got even more fun ahead…. you can also add patterns!

To add a pattern, simply upload your photos in the same way but then under the ‘BORDERS’ header click on the ‘Patterns’ button instead of ‘Colour’…and prepare to be amazed. Muhahah!

How to create the best photo prints online - add border patterns

Tadaaaah! We told you it was good! There are even some different patterns for different sizes, so you’ll never get bored of our borders!

So that concludes our three part series on how to create the best photo prints online! We can’t wait to see how you’ll use our new features! Get ordering now…and don’t forget to tag us @wearesupersnaps on Instagram with your most amazing snaps so that we can show you some love back!

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