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How To Create The Best Photo Prints On Our App – Part 4

We’ve already told you how to select your photos, rotate, crop, and add text to your prints, but now we’re taking it up a notch. Create beautifully unique custom prints by changing your print borders in our app – keep reading to find out how! 

How to…change border colours

Yep, that’s right – we’ve made it super simple to change the look of your photo borders using our app! You can change the borders of any of our Pic n Mix products…from Retro Prints to Postcards!

As always, start by uploading your photos. All your prints will show with our default white borders in the Creator Page – a blank slate for you to customise to your heart’s content!

To change the border colour of a print, tap the photo you wish to edit and click on the border colour selector – it looks like a box with a raindrop in.

Once this is selected, you will see all the border options for your prints. You will see all our preset colour options to the right of the colour picker, and can scroll along to see all. Select a preset colour to add this to your border!

To make your photos totally unique, why not use our colour picker? Tap the colour picker icon (the circle filled with a rainbow of colours) to bring up a spectrum of colours for you to pick from. Tap anywhere on the colours to pick a shade. You can move your finger around to try out different colours!

Once you’re happy with the colour you’ve chosen, you can add this to your palette by tapping the circle filled with your chosen colour. You can then apply this colour to other borders in your order!

How cool do Polaroid Prints look with custom coloured borders?!

How to…change border patterns

On some of our Pic n Mix products you can also add patterns to your borders! If patterns are available they will show in the same bar as colours, to the left of the colour picker. Tap the circle showing a pattern to try out the pattern on your print. Super simple, right?

We hope you’re just as happy with our awesome app as we are! Check out our next blog for more information on some of our favourite products to get you inspired!


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