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How To Create The Best Photo Prints On Our App – Part 2

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Welcome back to the second part of our blog series on how to use our app to create awesome photo prints! Now that you’ve downloaded the Super Snaps App and selected your photos, it’s time to edit your photos to get the best app photo prints!

Once you’ve selected all the photos you’d like to print and hit ‘Upload’ you will be taken to our Creator Page.

Here you will see all of your photos exactly as they will print, and can then make any necessary changes. Tap an image to bring up the editor – your print will now show in a larger format to allow you to easily make changes!

Note: once you’ve tapped on an image to bring the editor of this up you can then swipe left and right between photos – how helpful is that?

How to…rotate your photos

From the Creator Page, tap into the image you wish to rotate. The rotate tool looks like a circular arrow and is the third button shown underneath your photo. Tap this and your photo will rotate by 90 degrees each time you tap!

How to…crop your photos

Tap the image you wish to edit. The cropping tool is the second button shown underneath your photo. Tap the crop button and you will see a portion of your photo appears highlighted within a box (shape dependant on product type). This box will also show a grid so you can see how your photos are lined up. You can then move the photo within the box to choose the best portion of your photo to print!

You can also zoom on your photo…

To zoom in: Place two fingers together on your photo and slide your fingers apart – you will see your image zoom in.

To zoom out: Place two fingers apart and slide them towards each other – you will see your image zoomed out.

Once you’ve finished cropping, tap the green tick and you will see your photo as it will print.

Please make sure you are happy with the cropping of your images! We are unable to make changes to your cropping once your order has been placed.

How to…delete an image

Tap in to the image you wish to delete. You will then see our bin icon, the first button shown underneath your photo. Tap this button and your photo will be deleted.

How to…order multiple copies of a photo

We’ve made it super simple for you to order multiple copies of your favourite shots! To order more than one copy, start by tapping into the photo. Underneath your photo you will see ‘Qty 1’. Simply tap this and you can then type in the number of copies you require!


Hit ‘Done’ and you will then see your images stack up behind like a stack of cards!

To make changes to individual snaps (for example if you want to change the captions on each print) tap on the icon of the stack in the top right-hand corner. This will open up the photos in the stack individually. You can then swipe through and make changes to each one.

Once you’ve made changes to an individual photo to make it different to the others within the pack (adding a different caption for example) it will no longer be part of the pack. You will then see this image as the next print on our Creator Page.

Now you’ve made all the edits to your photos, it’s time for the fun to begin! Check out our next blog for information on how to customise your prints!

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