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How To Create The Best Photo Prints On Our App – Part 1

As you may have noticed, the Super Snaps App is HERE for iOS, and we’ve got Android on the way! To celebrate, we’ve created a super duper blog series to give you all the information you need to get the best photo prints using our app…let the fun begin!

How to…download the app

  1. Head to the App Store
  2. Type ‘Super Snaps: Photo Printing’ in the search (just Super Snaps is fine too!)
  3. Once you’ve found us, hit the ‘GET’ button to download – you can also see more information by clicking on our app name.
  4. Don’t forget to rate and give us a review!

If you’re using the device you wish to download on you can also go straight to our app in the App Store here.

Once the app is downloaded you will see our Super Snaps app icon on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the icon to open the app!

How to…choose your product

If you’re a regular Super Snapper then you’ll find all your favourite products over on our app. If you’re new to Super Snaps you’ve got a lot of excitement ahead of you! Open the app and begin your search for the perfect prints for you. Or order lots of different styles and find your favourite!

ios app select product

Products on the app are grouped by style – from Retro and Square Prints to Framed Prints and Photo Scrapbooks. We’ve even got a new favourite for you – Polaroid Prints! Tap a product to see a few more details. If you’re ready to order, simply choose your size (product dependant) and finish (product dependant) and hit ‘Create’.

super snaps app - product information shows below image

super snaps app - select a laminate

If you’d like to find out more about a product and see further images simply tap the ‘More information’ button. Here you will be able to see further details about size and stock, shipping and delivery, packaging, and customisation!

super snaps app - more information page


How to…select images

Now that you’ve chosen your product it’s time to select the images you’d like to print. You can upload from your Camera Roll, Instagram or Facebook – or a mixture of all three!

How to…upload from Camera Roll

Once you’ve hit the ‘Create’ button you will need to grant the Super Snaps app access to your photos. You will see a pop up asking you if you allow this. Hit ‘OK’ and you can begin! Once you hit ‘OK’ you will see your Albums appear. Select an album to upload from, or hit ‘Photos’ to see all photos in your phone.

super snaps app - print photos from your camera roll

To select a photo, tap it and you will see a green tick appear in the bottom right-hand corner. As you can see here, we have selected all possible cute animal photos…

You can see how many photos you have selected by looking at our counter in the top bar – here you can see we have selected 7 photos, and the minimum for this product is 20. Don’t worry, if you only want a few images but are planning on ordering multiple copies of these images you can do this in the next step! Once you have selected all your photos hit ‘Upload’ and you will be taken to our Creator Page.

How to…upload from Facebook

To select Facebook as your upload source, tap the ‘f’ (Facebook) icon. You will need to log in to your Facebook account in order to select your photos. We won’t post anything on your behalf, this is just for you to access your snaps! You will see another pop-up asking you if you’d like to continue. Hit the ‘Continue’ button and you will then be able to sign in!

Once you’ve signed in you will see your Facebook albums.

super snaps app - upload from your facebook albums

Tap on an album to see all the photos within the album, and select these again by tapping on the image you wish to choose.

super snaps app - upload from facebook

To go back to your albums hit the ‘Albums’ button at the bottom of the page. Once you have selected all your images tap ‘Upload’ to be taken to our Creator Page.

How to…upload from Instagram

To select Instagram as your upload source, tap the Instagram camera icon. Log in to your account and you will see all the photos from your Instagram account. Tap on a photo to select it and hit ‘Upload’ once you’ve chosen all those print-worthy shots!

super snaps app - select your images on instagram


Once you have hit ‘Upload’ you will see all of your photos on our Creator Page. Read our next blog for tips on how to edit your photos using our app!

P.S. You can upload from all three sources at once if you wish – just switch between sources by tapping on the icon for each option (Photos, Instagram or Facebook) and select as many photos as you like from each!

That’s it for today, but check out our next blog post for more tips on how to create the best photo prints using our Super Snaps app!

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