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5 ways to use your Polaroid Style Prints

5 ways to use your Polaroid Style Prints

Summer has sprung, the clocks have gone forward, we are enjoying the joys of spring. But let’s not forget all the fun we had in Winter.

From mountain adventures to winter sun holidays, dinner parties at home or the rain messing up your updo on that big girls night out. We are sure, like us you have captured plenty of special moments.

Rather than just keeping them stored on your phone or hiding in the cloud somewhere we have some novel ideas of how to print your Instagram photos and make you smile everyday.

Here you have 5 ways to display your  Polaroids Style Prints!

1. Washing line of Polaroids

polaroid style prints


via @loveumbrellasumbrellas

A washing line is not just for your laundry, grab some butchers string or even fairy lights, some mini pegs or go full on classic wooden pinchers, think of it as personalised bunting!

If you are limited with space or want that extra cute vibe, then why not try our Mini Polaroids.

Polaroid style prints

via super golden bakes

2. Create your own photo album memories

Whether you are putting together a scrapbook, holiday journal or a family tree, there is something sweet, classic and timeless when creating a photo album. With our polaroids or even our mini polas there is plenty of space to write little memories or stories.

Album polaroids

3. Organise those boring boxes and make the ordinary extraordinary

 Our OCD has massively kicked in since we left the darkness of winter. It’s time for a big spring clean (rubber gloves at the ready).

Can’t remember what’s in that box in the back of the wardrobe?

Afraid to open it and find that thing you bought and blamed your friend for borrowing and never returning?

Don’t fear anymore…. Slap a snap on the box. Box of cables you never use, last years fancy dress or those furs you inherited from granny. With a picture of the contents it will really help organise your life.

Polaroid storage box

Oh and on shoe boxes it look amazing to help organise those all important LeBous or Choos.

4. Pin A Polaroid

Have you chased that winter sun? Shredded the pistes ? or been rained on in Paris?

Sharing or even bragging about your globe trotting has never looked so good. Create a map unique to you with Polaroids or mini polas.

World map photo polaroid via @lois_williams90

Forgot to send a few postcards while away?

Don’t stress, why not print personalised greeting cards and send to those you love now you are back (lets be honest the mail in another country takes FOR-EV-ER). Or if you don’t want to write an essay about how amazing your holiday was then pop a polaroid in the post. Our polaroid style prints  are tough and water resistant so will increase the ‘dog ate my snaps’  survival rate (maybe not the bitey Chihuahua though).


polaroid style prints

via @18chlo

5. Frame it!

Did you get a really special moment? The light was right, your hair was perfect, the picture is so good, you are wondering why it is not being hung in a gallery! Well why not create your own gallery of amazing work.

We picked up some classic IKEA frames online and added some black backing card to really help our pictures stand out.

Polaroid style prints on a frame

Our Black Polaroids really make the image feel super high quality.

Black polaroids print edition


Want the picture to stand out in the light, or not block up your window space?

Polaroid style prints on a frame


Stick the photo in the middle of the frame with a tiny bit of double sided sticky tape.

Have we got your creative juices flowing now? Show of your skills of how you use your Square Snaps prints?

Check out some more creative ideas of what the Square Snaps community have created  on our Pinterest board:
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Feel free to comment below or share your suggestions on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! :)

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