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5 amazing ways to keep hold of your baby’s memories

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting things that will happen in your life (unless you’ve seen a unicorn, then that might take number 1 spot). Here at Square Snaps we know how important it is to keep these memories precious, which is why we’ve got 5 awesome ways to keep hold of these baby memories!

Baby photo idea 1 – DIY Memory Book

baby photo idea 1 - diy memory book

When you’ve just had your baby it can be hard to remember whether you’ve eaten, let alone to think of doing a little craft project. But, once you’re a bit more settled it’s lovely to look back on those times (hectic though they were!) That’s where the DIY memory book comes in. Print out all your photos from the life of your baby so far and make a scrapbook of them, adding in little anecdotes and notes about funny (or maybe just stressful but that seem funny now) things that happened in this special time! 

Baby photo idea 2 – Make a feature wall

Make a photo feature wall for your baby's room

Image from @the_mcclooos on Instagram

Decorating your baby’s room is often something which happens before they arrive…but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it! We absolutely love the way that @the_mcclooos laid out the feature wall for their baby! If you’re thinking of adding Framed Prints too then our sister site WallSnaps is the perfect solution!

Baby photo idea 3 – Take a trip back in time

baby photo ideas - take a trip back in time

Image from @oliver_and_me_ on Instagram

So maybe this isn’t a project as such, but sometimes it’s just nice to print the photos from all those special moments and spend some time going back through them – we keep stacks of them all around the place for little ‘aww’ moments at different points of the day.

Baby photo idea 4 – Celebrate their 1st birthday with some photo fun!

baby photo idea 5 - birthday display

Image from @hectorbuzzwells on Instagram

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is an important milestone, so why not create a display of their photos from just one day old to one year, like @hectorbuzzwells or @emilyandindiana? Use our Big Mini Pola Pack and print 100 memories for just £20.99!

baby photo idea 4 - celebrating a first birthday

Image from @emilyandindiana on Instagram

Baby photo idea 5 – Create timeline bunting

baby photo idea 5 - creating a timeline

Image from @chloeuberkid on Instagram

There are tons of things we love about this photo from @chloeuberkid, but the photo bunting going on has to be our favourite! We love the idea of creating a kind of photo timeline by using your snaps as bunting…from those tiny baby photos right up until now. The great thing about this idea is that you can add on to it as your child grows up – simply add more rows! Our Pola Pack works especially well for this!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5 ideas of what to do with your baby photos! Don’t forget to share how you’re displaying your photos with us on Instagram!

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