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4 Ways To Use Your Festival Pack This Summer!

Festival photo

Festival season has finally arrived, and it feels like summer has truly begun…so we’ve got a brand new Festival Pack just for you!

You guys loved our Spring Mini Polas, and we thought – hey, they’re colourful and fun, and everything that a festival is all about…so we’ve made a pack of 100 of them for just £20.99! Perfect for printing all your festival photos, these little guys will make your snaps look even cooler. Keep Reading (see what we did there?! There’s more of those to come!!) and we’ll Leeds on to tips on how to use yours!

Before and during the festival:

Make your tent stand out from the crowd!

You’ve arrived, your tent is up and it looks…well, just the same as all the other tents in a sea of green tents (plus mud). So jazz it up a little by creating your own tent bunting! We’ve made ours using by printing each letter on a different snap and then adding a couple of photos for that extra personal touch. We bet you’ll get some compliments and you’ll be the talk of the (Boom)town!

Hint: we like to use battery powered fairy lights too! They definitely need to be Wireless, that’s for sure.

Festival photo tent

Image from Pinterest



Festival pack - bunting and fairy lights


Your flag should show off your personality…as well as your location!

Everyone knows trying to locate your friends at a festival is a pretty difficult task, so make it a little easier on yourself by having a totally one-of-a-kind flag. This again is super simple to make but really effective – and more time spent with friends rather than looking for them is always a good thing! You won’t even need to go to a different Latitude to find them – they can just follow the flag!

Festival pack - make a festival flag

All you need to do to create your own personalised flag pole is get a thin hollow pole and some string. Then, print out letters or photos and make small holes in the top of the border. Thread them onto some string and thread the string through the middle of the pole. Tie both ends together and voila – you’ve got a homemade flag which we’re betting will be the coolest one in the crowd! You can even use to add arrows too! And, with 100 snaps included in our Festival Pack, you could change your message every day!

P.S. if you want to make your flag even more obvious, why not try our Super Snaps?


Festival photo - making your own flag


After the festival:

There’s no way you’ll forget it!

You’ve possibly had one of the best weekends of your life…and we’re sure you’ve got loads of amazing photos! Reclaim physical from the digital by printing your photos – and with 100 prints in our Festival Pack you won’t even need to be too selective…those hilarious rolling in mud photos can all go in! After all, you won’t want to forget that in a hurry!


Real life photo sharing

Don’t just add your photos to a shared folder, Download…or no, upload them (we had to, sorry) to our site, order your favourites, and share them in real life with your friends. Creating a scrapbook with all your festival snaps is always a lovely present, and you can easily print multiple copies of snaps so that everyone can join in the fun – share the Love(box)!

Don’t forget to tag us in all your awesome festival photos too @square_snaps – we’ll get super jealous!

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