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4 Awesome DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas!

We love a bit of DIY here at the Super Snaps office, but themed DIY is by far our favourite. So with the help of Pinterest we’ve pulled together some of our favourite Halloween DIY decoration ideas…and we’re going to make one of them for you!

DIY Decoration Idea 1: Pumpkin Photo Bunting

Have you ever heard of anything quite as cute as Pumpkin Photo Bunting? We hadn’t until we made it – and it was super simple! Order your prints and keep reading to find out how to create your own, and for even more Halloween decoration ideas!

You will need:

DIY Halloween decoration blog post - what you will need

Step 1: Cut a roughly 4-inch piece of the orange wool and just keep this to the side.

Step 2: Take your orange wool and wrap it around your hand (just four fingers) around 100-120 times. Cut your wool off.

Step 3: Once you have done this, take your 4-inch piece of wool and thread this between your middle and ring fingers, wrapping this the whole way around the wool horizontally.

DIY Halloween decoration blog - tie up your pumpkin

Step 4: Tie the 4-inch piece of wool in a knot, making sure this is as tight as possible – this will ensure that your pumpkin stays a good shape!

Step 5: Now that you’ve got your rough pumpkin shape, cut a roughly 2-inch piece of green pipe cleaner. Tie this tightly to your pumpkin using the two loose threads from your first knot, but don’t trim the threads.

DIY Halloween decoration ideas blog - add pipe cleaners to your pumpkin

Step 6: Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself to make the stem, all the way to the top. Then slightly bend the pipe cleaner over at the top to make that classic pumpkin stem shape!

DIY Halloween Decoration blog - make a pumpkin

Step 7: Using the two loose threads, tie your pumpkin to your twine, making sure you leave enough space between your pumpkins for your chosen Halloween snaps!

DIY Halloween decoration blog - tie wool pumpkins to twine

Step 8: Add your Halloween prints to the twine using your mini pegs.

DIY Halloween Decoration idea blog - add photos to your bunting

Step 9: Stand back and admire your DIY Halloween decoration masterpiece!

DIY Halloween decoration ideas - pumpkin bunting

If you wanted, you could also make ghosts and spiders for your Halloween bunting! Check these cuties out!

The fun doesn’t stop here…we’ve still got tons of other Halloween decoration ideas for you!

DIY Decoration Idea 2: Bat Cans

DIY Halloween decoration blog image bat cans

Image from Pinterest

We’re loving this idea because it can be used for any canned drink – from beer cans for the adults to cola for kids! If you want to use them for different drinks just change the colours of your bat wings, or add symbols or letters so you can tell the difference – simple!

DIY Decoration Idea 3: Bat Hanging Mobile

DIY Halloween decorations blog post - bat hanging mobile

Image from Pinterest

Perfect for hanging at a party, this Halloween hanging mobile is super easy to create, which we always love. Simply find a small branch which is light enough to hang, spray or paint it black, cut out some bat shapes (you can find a template or stencil online or draw your own) and hang up your bats! You could also add your Halloween prints to your hanging branches too for a totally personalised hanging mobile!

DIY Decoration Idea 4: Halloween Photo Booth

DIY Halloween Decorations - DIY photo booth

Image from Pinterest

We know that you probably think our Halloween prints couldn’t possibly get any more fun…but they just might if you create a makeshift Halloween photo booth for your party! All you’ll need is a camera, tripod, and some sheets. Set up a room and use your sheets for a background with the camera on the tripod ready to capture on a timer! You can create Halloween props just using some card and some plastic sticks or poles. Then, take your snaps and print them with us to share your scares with all your party guests!

And last but not least…you definitely need these biscuits! Click here for super cute ghosts!

Happy Halloween all!


Photography by Natalie Kinsley

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