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Mini Snaps as personalised gift name tags

Make your gifts extra special with Square Snaps!

Wrapping gifts is one of the most creative parts of Christmas, we love it here at Square Snaps and here are some of our ideas which we think make your Christmas gifts even more personal and special.

With our little Mini Snaps you can create gorgeous, personalised name tags

Reminding your friends of a great night out this year, or show off a beautiful landscape shot you’ve taken. You could even use a photo from last Christmas for some real nostalgia.

 Mini Snaps Christmas tags

We love the idea of taking a photo of a Christmas quote, you can find some ideas on our Pinterest boards or even searching the hashtag #ChristmasQuotes on our print from Instagram hashtag option.

Follow Square Snaps’s board Square_Snaps: Christmas Cards on Pinterest.

 Make a single hole punch in the corner of your mini snap and use raffia, ribbons or butcher’s string to wrap them round your presents.

Mini snaps name tags

Mini snaps Christmas tags

Don’t forget to add your Christmas message behind them!

Mini snaps name tags write message

You could even use washi tape to paste the Mini Snaps down if you don’t want to write on the back.

Mini snaps name tags gifts

Mini snaps name tags

Why not share with us what pictures you’re going to use on your Mini Snaps this Christmas?

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