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How to Create Christmas cards everyone would love

Square snaps Christmas cards

Today we’ve got some great ideas to help you create

Stunning personalised  Christmas cards!

These little beauties really stand out amongst all the Santa and snow cards and will be treasured long after the last bauble is taken down. We guarantee all your family and friends will LOVE receiving one of these.

Baby time!

Who could possibly fail to smile at a baby in a Santa beard? Exactly!

Baby Christmas cards

All kids love dressing up so dust off that elf outfit and wrap the baby in ribbons –check out our Pinterest board for lots of ideas about how to set the scene. You might just have to reward your little actors with some chocolate coins – (especially, in our experience, if you’re working with the notoriously un-obliging toddlers…)

 Show off your beautiful wedding day!

Remind your friends and family of how gorgeous you looked and just how much the sun shone that day. And if they weren’t there in person – they will love being a part of the memory. Plus it’s another excuse to go through your photos again ;)

 Umbrellas Square snaps

Be arty!

We know you’re amazing photographers and that your Instagram account is full of beautiful snaps that your buddyies would love to see. Why not be different this year and send your favourite or most unusual shots to your family and friends instead of a boring card of a robin sitting on a spade?   Although photos of robins on spades are good too…

Christmas cards Square Snaps

EVERYONE loves a dog in a hat.

It’s a fact, we love photos of dogs and cats doing human things. Get your camera and your neighbor’s dog and take some funny Christmas snaps! There are loads of ideas for pet-friendly ways to dress up your furry friends – wait til you see the chick dressed as an elf…


la foto copy 3


Once you have decided which Christmas cards are your style just get on our site and in few days you could be sending your friend and family Christmas cards that they will keep forever! :)


Christmas cards


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