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7 picture perfect Christmas card ideas

christmas card ideas - super snaps

The perfect Christmas card isn’t always easy to find…but when you’ve got your own festive photo on the front you can’t go wrong! Here are our 7 favourite types of photos to use for your personalised Christmas cards this year.

1. Focus on traditions

Christmas is all about traditions, and every group has their own. Whether it’s a ritual with your housemates to make edible tree decorations or your family always hangs the stockings in a specific order, use those things that make your Christmas unique for the fronts of your cards! You might even inspire someone to create their own new tradition!

christmas tradition photo card idea - super snaps

2. Capture those first moments

When you have little ones at Christmas there are a ton of exciting new ‘firsts’…their first time in the snow, the first time they meet Santa, even their first Christmas present! Capture these moments and they’ll make for the cutest Christmas cards. Our Photo Christmas Cards are also the perfect size for frames, so your loved ones can easily keep hold of these memories! It’s like a present and a card in one.

christmas card idea 2 - first moments - sledging in the snow

first moments - meeting santa

3. Show off your Christmas bakes

Christmas is about spending time with the people you love…and also…food. Get creative in the kitchen with your festive treats and they’ll make great Christmas card photos!

christmas gingerbread photo card ideas super snaps

4. Get the whole family involved

When you’re sending cards to family and friends you don’t see very often, sending round a photo of all the family will show how much you’ve all changed in the last year. They’re great to keep too. You can write out a little note about what’s new with everyone inside…or type a longer note out and add a printed copy to every card to make it super simple!

family photos at christmas photo card ideas

5. Invite friends too

Sometimes, our friends are our family! Whether you’re sending out your cards from uni or just have a wintery photo of you and your friends that you love (we’re thinking a shot from that ski trip), spread the cheer and add them to your cards as well! That way your friends can keep them as keepsakes too. You all know we love to hold on to memories.

christmas winter with friends photo card idea

5. Take a new perspective and get up close…

Some of the most effective Christmas cards show those little wintery details you could almost miss in everyday life…like the frost on berries and snow on trees! The best part is, they make us feel super cosy!

winter photos close perspective

christmas photos personalised ideas

7. Or take a step back

Capture nature in all its glory with a stunning snowy scene for that truly traditional Christmas card effect. Nothing says Christmas like a mountain and snow…you could even imagine some reindeer flying by!

christmas landscape photo ideas

What kind of photo will you choose for your Christmas cards this year? Don’t forget to share them with us @wearesupersnaps – we love to see what you create and if it’s Christmas themed then it’s even better!

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