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5 DIY Christmas Gifts For Each Family Member

diy christmas gift ideas

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas preparations can officially begin…but thinking of the perfect present for everyone can feel you leaving less than excited at the prospect. Fear not, Square Snappers, we have the perfect ideas for you. So don your elf hat, grab a hot chocolate, turn up the Christmas playlist and prepare to be inspired…

DIY Christmas Gift 1 – For Dad – Memory Gift Box

DIY Christmas gift idea 1 - box of memories

Image from @jacsillie on Instagram

Okay before you point out that this does not look like the kind of box your Dad would like…it’s the idea that we’re going for! Creating a memory gift box will work for any occasion, and makes your present extra personal. For Dad we’d suggest adding his little favourite things, and things which remind you of him too. Then glue some string or twine to the top corners of the box and add some of our Mini Pola Snaps with small pegs – what could be simpler! Or, if you’d rather, you could glue the snaps in to make the lid into a collage.

If you’re using this idea for a number of your family members, then check out our Big Mini Pola Pack – 100 Mini Polas for just £20.99!


DIY Christmas Gift 2 – For your sibling – Name stand or notebook

Image from @embeales on Instagram

Image from @embeales on Instagram

For your sibling we’ve got not one but TWO ideas – aren’t you lucky?! The first is a DIY name stand which we totally love. You could make a variation on this by spelling out your sibling’s nickname rather than their initials to make this more personal. Although we’ve saved this one as an idea for your brother or sister, it would work for any member of your family – and your friends too! And, depending on the shape you’re creating you can use any of our snaps! We’d recommend our Mini Snaps to fit even more photo memories in!

diy christmas gift idea 2 - personalised notebook

Image from @brianaxlee on Instagram

If you don’t feel like creating your sibling’s initials from wood or card (or buying them of course) then we have option two – the personalised notebook. If your sibling is still in school or college then this is the perfect personalised gift, but it would work for any age! This is super simple as well, which we love. You can either buy a notebook with adhesive covers, or alternatively just stick the snaps on with glue. That way your brother or sister can see their favourite memories and quotes all day long! Our Summer Pola Snaps make this notebook give us throwback-to-the-sun vibes!


DIY Christmas Gift 3 – For Mum – personalised gift wrapping

DIY christmas gift idea - personalised wrapping paper

It has to be said that Mum’s are probably the easiest of family members to buy for (because ‘it’s the thought that counts’). So, rather than think about the actual gift you could give her, we’d thought we’d give you an idea on how you can wrap it to make it extra special! The great thing about personalising your wrapping is that you can use this for any kind of gift, and it just gives that extra touch of personality.

To do this, start off by printing your Mum’s favourite memories. You can use any kind of snaps to do this, but we’d recommend using snaps in a size proportionate to your parcel – for example, Autumn Mini Polas for those smaller packages, and Super Snaps for any monster parcels! Our Gold Polaroid Style Snaps work amazingly for any kind of parcel too, and really fit in with that Christmassy vibe!

Once you’ve printed your snaps, all you need to do is choose your favourite kind of wrapping paper, and wrap up that parcel! Add some string, ribbon or twine, depending on the look you’re going for, and tie it around the parcel. Then, using a small peg attach your snaps to the string – ta-dah! For another twist, you could make a small hole in the edge of your photo and thread the string through this before tying to ensure that this doesn’t get lost in transit!


DIY Christmas Gift 4 – For your Grandparents – a framed display

diy christmas gift idea - diy photo frame idea for grandparents

Image from @imcarajane on Instagram

One of Grandparents’ favourite things is to have tons of photos of their grandchildren (and children, of course). So this Christmas, why not create your Grandparents a framed photo display? We absolutely love this example from Instagram using our Polaroid Style Snaps! You can do this with any kind of frame, whether you want to make a timeline of amazing memories you’ve shared or a collection of times you know they’d like to treasure.


DIY Christmas Gift 5 – For your partner – Polaroid style frame

diy christmas gift - photo hanging display

Image from @charl_lep_91 on Instagram

Last but not least, we thought it was only right to include a present idea for your partner – we don’t want them feeling left out! We love this idea of creating a feature display of all your favourite memories together. And, it means you get to enjoy it too! To create this, all you need is the outside of a frame, some string or twine, your Square Snaps and some small pegs. Once you’ve got everything together, simply attach string to either side of the inside of your frame with glue, until you’ve got a number of rows. Then, all you need to do is attach your snaps (Original Squares were used in this example) with small pegs and voila!

We hope our list of 5 DIY Christmas gifts has given you a little inspiration to start you off with your holiday preparations, and that you’ve managed to sip your way through a hot chocolate by now! Don’t forget to share your ideas and inspiration with us on social media @square_snaps  – we always love to see how you’re using your snaps!

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