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3 Ways To Use Photo Stickers Over The Festive Period

Here at Square Snaps HQ we’ve become stuck on our personalised stickers…if you took a walk into our office you’d see what we mean, they’re kind of taking over! And for this festive season we’ve got 3 fun ideas for how you can use yours!

A sticker memory jar

diy sticker idea - cookie jar

Whether you’re creating a gift for a friend or want a Christmassy decoration which is a little different, our sticker jar is the one for you! You can use any size or shape of jar and add as many stickers as you want! We filled our jar with cookies to keep around the office (for approximately two days until the squirrels found them). For a friend or loved one, we like the idea of filling the jar with little things which remind you of them, and then adding stickers of them on the front. You could create an individual one for each member of your family to give them something truly personal!


A personalised scrapbook

diy sticker ideas

A gift which you’ve really put some thought into always goes down well, especially at Christmas when there are so many presents to buy at once! So take some time and make your favourite people a personalised scrapbook. Print all the amazing memories which you’ve made with them throughout the year (maybe you’ve been on holiday together or just had some amazing parties!) and add them to a scrapbook along with little notes and dates! Our stickers make it super simple to build up the pages! You could even use to make snaps with funny little quotes on!


Holiday dinner decorations

diy festive sticker ideas - personalised drink stirrers

Throwing a Christmas dinner party? Well we’ve got the perfect thing to make your event stand out! We’ve used our Mini Sticky Snaps to create personalised drink stirrers…so you can always keep hold of your own mulled wine! All you need to do is take two of our personalised stickers, and then peel the backs off and stick them to each other to make a double sided photo! That way you’ll be able to find your drink wherever you are!

And because it’s a Christmas blog, we’ve got one extra little idea for you! Aren’t we kind? If you fancy making something super sparkly and exciting this Christmas, why not try our DIY Metallic Photo Hanging Display? Don’t forget to tag us @square_snaps so that we can see all your awesome creations! Who are you planning on making gifts for?

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