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24ct Fools Gold Polaroid Style – Coming “soon”

We’ve got the Midas Touch… Everything we touch turns to gold.

Gold Polaroid Style Print

Gold Polas

Whaaat?! Yes thats right, Square Snaps has finally worked out how to print your favourite images on to a sheet of 24ct gold. The team have travelled far and wide to source this uniquely extravagant product that can now be personalized just for you or even as the perfect gift for the loved one that has everything!


With a little help from Midas we have cracked it. *Sings Spandau Ballet’s Gold*


 How much will it cost?

Lots and lots – We expect it to be super expensive… (unlike our Mini Polas)

Why gold?

Why not!

How have we done it?

Well we haven’t really but was a fun idea for a April Fools – Gotcha!


Sorry if you really wanted Gold Polas, how about Black Polaroids style instead they look just as awesome and with the following discount code cost the same as our White Polaroid Style prints.

 Voucher code: BLACKPOLA20

Black Polaroid Style Prints Polaroid Style Prints- Black edition

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